About Us

About Shop Shack

RTS Shop Shack is a ministry of RTS Missions Inc., a 501 c3 non-profit charitable organization.  The Shop Shack is an answer to our prayers for sustainability.  RTS Missions partners with individuals and businesses focused on job creation, that pay fair wages (much higher than the minimum wage), treat their employees and communities with dignity, as well as empowering their artisans.

All products offered on the Shop Shack site are hand-made.

When you purchase products from RTS Shop Shack, the proceeds go towards:

  1. Creating and Sustaining Jobs
  2. Keeping Families Together
  3. Providing Education for Children
  4. Feeding Those in Dire Need

About RTS Missions

RTS Missions LogoRTS Missions has been serving the country of Haiti since 2006.  The Shepherd family moved to Haiti full time in October 2014.  Since that time RTS Missions has launched a Christian school with two campuses educating almost 900 children.  RTS also has six churches in their OneThree Church Network with roughly 2,000 members.  Our churches work hard serving their communities and providing direction for development, as well as the spiritual guidance people are longing for.  RTS Missions works hard to be a voice for children at risk of falling into a life of child slavery (Restavek), as well as trafficking.  The organizations three main priorities are education, spiritual development, and social justice.

RTS Missions employs over 80 national employees providing them the opportunity to provide for their families and send their kids to school.  For most families, it is the first job they have ever had and the first time anyone in their family has gotten an education.  Your support of RTS Missions and this Shop Shack provides for all RTS Missions is doing to change lives.  You are the HERO!  Thank you!

About Haiti

Haiti mapOnly 700 miles off the coast of Florida, Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and the third hungriest country in the world.

Eighty percent of the population lives below the level of absolute poverty.  One out of 8 children will not live to see their 5th birthday.  Malnutrition strikes 3 out of 4 children, and malnutrition, respiratory infection and diarrhea are the leading causes of childhood death.

  • Population: Roughly 12,000,000
  • Around 80% of Haitians are poor (less than US$2 a day), and more than half (54%) live in extreme poverty (less than US$1 a day).
  • Over two thirds of the labor force do not have formal jobs.
  • Half of children under 5 are malnourished.
  • Over 7% of children die at birth.
  • 80 out of 1,000 Haitian children never see their first birthday
  • 50% of primary school age children are not enrolled in school.
  • One-third of girls over six never go to school.
  • More than 50% of children attending school are over aged.
  • Approximately 30% of children attending primary school will not make it to third grade; 60% will abandon school before sixth grade.
  • Less than half of over 12,000,000 people have access to health care

So, feed your soul as you SHOP the SHACK!